Pandemic pandemonium

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Oh my goodness what a year!

We have missed playing for you all – and so many of you will have ‘grown-up’ and moved on to school! We have endeavoured to keep in touch -but as some of you with eagle eyes will have noticed – our facebook page vanished. We are still trying to figure it out and get a response from the powers that be so that we can have a presence there again.

In the mean time Louise has been kept very busy homeschooling her wrigglers until school reopened. More recently she has enjoyed some work with Glyndebourne Opera and done some socially distanced violin teaching at home with the windows open and anti-bacterial wipes at the ready! Clea has restarted some online work with Hear My Music and although not the same, it is better than no music at all for these young people.

Last week Clea played outside for a Santa Trail with a project supported by Starcatchers. Clea’s daughter Maisie (a former chorister and student at the renowned music school St Marys) enjoyed some work experience as a young performer on the clarinet. They played in the beautiful setting of the Fairy Trail in Lochore County Meadows Park.

As far as Wrigglers goes, we have experimented with an app call ‘Acapella’ which allows us to record and film ourselves separately and then stick our parts together. There are many challenges for us with this process but we managed to share our first Zoom Show early this month to a curious audience! (If you were there please tell us your thoughts and how we might improve your online experience!)

Our incentive for developing Wrigglers was to give your wee ones an engaging, sensory and educational experience. As performers we are used to the response and feedback of an audience to make a rewarding musical experience. However, at the moment this isn’t possible in the same way so we will persevere. Please keep in touch we have things in the pipeline for 2021!

We miss you!

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