Spring, Summer, Online Autumn.

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It has been a few months since our last blog. Due to lockdown, and all of our planned concerts having to be cancelled back in March, we haven’t really had much to say. However, we have decided to write a brand new online show, and we now have plenty to tell you, so read on!

Back in March, we lost our Facebook page. This has been the main way in which we contact people and keep them informed of what we are up to. We felt it was really important to connect with our community and bring music into people’s lives over lockdown, and the disappearance of our Facebook page has been really frustrating. Despite our contacting Facebook numerous times, we have had no reply from them. Clea even set up a new page with a slightly different name and that was unpublished by Facebook within a week. We have no idea why this has happened but we are hoping that this will be sorted out in the near future. In the meantime we do have our Instagram page, our website and our mailing list so please do follow and sign up to those.

Louise and Clea performing at the Adelaide Fringe last year.

Last month we were featured in an article from the Edinburgh Evening News, which you can find here. There are a couple of inaccuracies in the article; Louise set up the recitals with Clea in 2014 to bring music to the community and into the lives of young children and their carers, not simply to play the violin while looking after her children! We are not a charity – we are a successful small business, and hopefully we can stay that way! We have tried two new avenues to try and contact Facebook, thanks to this article and the response from our supporters. Please do get in touch if you think that you can help.

Clea and Louise at Holyroodhouse last year

Louise was hoping to visit Clea in Edinburgh this month, to record some music and videos, but lockdown in England meant that this was not possible. However, we have been planning alternative ways to create an online concert. We have written a brand new story, which we recorded this week, and we have some new arrangements, hot off the press, to bring to you! We are getting to grips with new technology, and learning many new skills, to make it possible for you to have an interactive live music experience in your own home! Can you tell that we are excited about it?! We will be sending out our newsletter soon, so do join our mailing list to hear all about it.

In other news, Clea was able to travel to Croatia and Bosnia in the summer to work on the summer camps there with children who have additional needs and with the Ulysses theatre company. This year was the 25th anniversary year of the camps and there was a special concert streamed live online from the mountains outside Sarajevo where it was taking place. Due to the travel restrictions there was some uncertainty as to whether the children’s camp would take place at all – but thanks to the efficiency of the Covid testing in Croatia, travel across the border into Bosnia was relatively straightforward and it went ahead – albeit fewer days with fewer children. Footage of the event can be seen here.

Clea has also been involved in work for the NHS creating playlists to help with health in general as well as recovery from Covid. There is very exciting science showing how music affects the mind and body and these playlists help people to feel certain things and promote certain responses. Click here to enjoy some mood-enhancing music.

In June, Clea was invited to play in a special event to commemorate all those who have passed away during the pandemic. There was quite a line up, including Sting – click here for the video.

Louise has been composing lots of new music, including the music for our story. She has written a book of violin pieces as well as some new arrangements and solo violin pieces. She also gave a radio interview on local radio station Brooklands Radio. You can hear Louise talking with Lisa Rollin, and choosing three tracks here (about 15 mins in, but the whole show is full of lovely music!) – listen here!

Louise has also been taking part in the performance protests at Parliament Square, to raise awareness of the plight of the arts and of freelance musicians, many of whom are without support as a direct consequence of Covid-19. You can find out about it here.

We can’t wait to see you again, so please do follow us on Instagram and sign up to our mailing list on our website.

Lots of love

Louise and Clea

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