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January marked the start of our Wrigglers Online series, kicking off with our very first show The Hare and the Tortoise. The feedback for our January shows has been really positive. The advantages of performing online include a greater reach and the ability to provide live music for you and your wriggler in your own home. Many parents were astonished at how well their little ones engaged with the music and we had lots of lovely photos sent to us of little ones enjoying the show.

It takes many hours to rewrite our programmes to work online. We can’t play live at the same time, so we have found various ways around this. We have rewritten our scripts and nearly all of the music has had to be arranged or Louise has written brand new music to work with our stories and we have prerecorded some of the pieces that we can’t miss out! It is a creative process and we are learning all of the time. But the feedback from parents is that they and their wrigglers are delighted with the new shows, which have been more successful than anticipated! Mr Hare was delighted with his new theme tune!

This month we have a new online version of our show Sun, Moon and Stars. This programme includes variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, a very well known tune that many people believe was written by Mozart, but is actually an old French melody that Mozart arranged for piano. You will be able to hear a few of Mozart’s arrangements of this melody, which we have rewritten especially for wrigglers! Louise has also composed new music for our version of the story of Icarus.

You can find out about our shows here www.recitalsforwrigglers.co.uk/shows

As well as online shows, we are able to help you celebrate your little one’s birthday. We can organise a Zoom concert for you and we are also able to offer musical messages. Clea is also offering individual sessions for anyone who thinks that their wriggler would enjoy a one-to-one music making session, so do contact us to find out about these exciting services.

While we prepare our next programme, please do take the time to tell us your views, whether it is about a show you have seen or questions you have about the music we play. We are offering our online shows at a suggested donation of £6, through Eventbrite. We are advertising this as a donation because we would like every child to have access to music, and we know that many families are finding it difficult at the moment. Working online, we don’t have overheads like hall hire, but we do have to pay Eventbrite for their ticketing service and it takes many hours to rewrite, arrange and rehearse our programmes. This comes at a time where the live music industry has been decimated by the pandemic and as freelance musicians our income is minimal. Therefore we would be delighted if you would share our concerts far and wide and tell as many people about us as possible. We are on Twitter and Instagram and we do have a new Facebook page, and we also have a mailing list, so please share, join and come and enjoy some fun and live music with us! We can’t wait to see you.

Clea and Louise

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    Eugene Skeef said:
    February 7, 2021 at 8:05 pm

    Brilliant! Congratulations on your beautiful accomplishments.

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