Dance Into Summer!

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Ready to ‘Jump Into Spring’ at Kitson Hall in Barnes.

After ‘Jumping into Spring’ in March and April, we’re now ready to ‘Dance into Summer’ with ten concerts this month in the south of England and around Edinburgh.

We had a great time last month playing our ‘Jump Into Spring’ programme to audiences in London, Surrey and Edinburgh and will be returning to nearly all of those venues in May. We will be playing our programme ‘Dance Into Summer’ which is filled with music from Scotland, Mexico and lots of other dance tunes including waltzes and minuets, as well as our version of the famous fairy tale ‘The Twelve Dancing Princesses’. So come along and bring your dancing shoes! Book tickets.

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We have some brand new frisbee flyers, which you will see in and around Edinburgh soon. We are hoping that this will help us to reach more audience and will cut down on paper, as these are generic and therefore will never be out of date. They also look beautiful and would make great coffee coasters! We are now on Instagram so if you see our new flyers, take a photo and link it to us there, or post on Twitter or Facebook.

Behind the scenes we are organising a mini-tour of the south in July. We are excited to be returning to Petfringe on June 30 and to be performing at festivals in Dorset and Luton. We will also be playing at Hastings as well as our usual venues in London and Surrey, as well as playing in and around Edinburgh. We will be reaching our fifth anniversary of Recitals for Wrigglers this summer, so what better way to celebrate than to do a UK tour!

Do keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more details of any future concerts or you can receive our newsletter by joining our mailing list.

Bye for now!

Louise and Clea


May Concerts at a glance

The South:

22nd 10.45am Twickenham Library

22nd 1.30pm Weybridge Library

24th 10.30am Chertsey

24th 1pm Barnes



27th 11am Linlithgow

28th 11am South Queensferry

30th 11.30am East Calder

31st 11am Marchmont

31st 2pm Portobello

1st June 11am Stockbridge

Book Tickets.


Petworth Fringe Sunday 30th June 10am Book Tickets

Luton Culture Wednesday 10th July 10am, 11.30am, 2pm. Visit site

Edinburgh Fringe Aug 10-24 Visit site


Wrigglers Down Under

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We’re back in the UK, following a trip to Australia, and Spring has finally arrived!

March was an exciting month for us, as we made our Australian debut, playing at the world famous Adelaide Fringe Festival. We had been planning the trip for six months, liaising with the fringe team and venues down under on a daily basis, not to mention booking our flights and completing the necessary contracts and official paperwork. Finally in March our plans were put into action!

Our office at 33,000 feet.

We had a fantastic time in Adelaide. We narrowly escaped temperatures of 40C the previous week, and instead experienced temperatures in the high twenties, which was hot enough for us! We arrived late on March 7 and the following morning, battling jet lag, made use of Adelaide’s fantastically efficient train and tram infrastructure, which got us to our first venue, The Bally at Gluttony. We were relieved that our banners had arrived in one piece on the flight with us. Clea’s sister, who was also our host, had collected some fabulous instruments for our wrigglers to play and had helped to spread the word about our concerts. It was great to see that our posters had been distributed, as instructed from over 10,000 miles away! Our fantastic technician, Kane Amos, was there to meet us and help us with our get in (or ‘bump in’ as the Australians call it!) and to help the shows to run smoothly.

The Bally was a great space to play in and we really enjoyed being part of the Gluttony family! Rymill Park is a vibrant area during the festival, with lots of shows happening in many venues, at all times of the day and night. We were extremely lucky to be able to see a handful of brilliant shows for free, courtesy of our Artist’s passes. We played nine shows at The Bally over the weekend. We didn’t have to change much about our shows, in terms of content, as we found that our music and concepts were just as relevant in Australia, and we found that our Australian audience knew many of the same nursery rhymes as our UK audiences and were just keen to join in! The only small differences were in our Lion and the Mouse programme, where some of our British birds were not known in Australia. We learnt a lot about Australian wildlife and our audience learnt a lot about British wildlife, which made it a fun cultural exchange!

The Lion and the Mouse at The Bally

We had a day off to explore the McLaren Vale, famous for wineries (for research purposes of course – and for Louise’s birthday!) before taking two of our shows to the suburbs. We enjoyed exploring Burnside Library, which is a lovely big space with a large children’s area, and even has a toy library! Norwood was a nice area and we had some really great audiences at our concerts in Don Pyatt Hall. We also enjoyed playing at the vibrant Holden Street Theatre, whose productions won several awards and earned some great reviews.

One of our happy audience members at Gluttony

When we returned to Gluttony the following weekend, we took part in the family day and were filmed for the venue’s promotional video. By this stage we had received a really glowing four star review from the Adelaide Advertiser, so we set about adding the four star stickers to our posters. Following ten fantastic days in Adelaide, and twenty one concerts, we flew back to the UK. We enjoyed it so much and learnt a lot, and we hope to return to Adelaide in 2020 (fingers crossed!).

Louise B flew back to London for a concert with Louise D (our southern based cellist) at the lovely role play café Little Street in West Byfleet. We entertained a lovely audience with our The Lion and the Mouse programme and afterwards they were able to stay and play.

Concert at Little Street in West Byfleet

It’s so important to support small businesses like Little Street, and this has been highlighted by the closure of the soft play centre Kids ‘n Action in Berkshire last week. At Recitals for Wrigglers, we try to provide the most enjoyable and interactive experience, therefore we choose to play a smaller venue, rather than a large hall. Taking our concerts into the local community is paramount to us. It is wonderful small businesses like this which provide an essential service to the local community and for us we can share our music in the local area by performing here. We hope that you will support local businesses by visiting them, giving them a shout out and telling your friends about them!

Louise B travelled up to Edinburgh to play with Clea at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, followed by a trip to the seaside, playing at Tribe Porty in Portobello! This was the launch of this year’s Jump into Spring series which continued at Tots Spot Cafe in East Calder and Marchmont St Giles, with Aisling taking over on violin as Louise B flew back to London.

Arriving at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

The series continues in the south in April and includes concerts at Twickenham Library, Kitson Hall Barnes and Weybridge Library, and in Edinburgh at Stockbridge Church. You can find out about our concerts here.

Meanwhile, we are organising our next concert series, as well as an exciting return visit to Holyroodhouse. We are also arranging a mini tour of the south as well as finalising our Edinburgh Fringe programmes, so keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest information, or to receive our newsletters, why not join our mailing list.

Bye for now!

Louise and Clea


Off to Oz!

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We’re off to see the Wrigglers, the wonderful Wrigglers of Oz! 

Well, what a lot of fun we had in the UK in fabulous February! First of all we brought our show The Lion and the Mouse to venues in Surrey and London and had a great time wriggling in Weybridge, Twickenham, Chertsey and Barnes, before a fun week in Scotland with King Arthur

The last time we played The Lion and the Mouse was at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 and we love this programme, which is all about animals! Louise D enjoyed playing our arrangement of Saint-Saens’ famous cello solo, The Swan, and after every performance declared ‘I really enjoyed playing that piece!’. We had some very attentive wrigglers and their carers who enjoyed listening to it too, so it was a treat for all! 

 Louise B made the 420 mile journey to Edinburgh by car the following day with her wrigglers. The trip included an enforced three hour lunch stop at Royal Lancaster Infirmary, as her four year old decided to eat a coin on the way. Luckily all was well and the chunky £1 sized coin showed up nicely on the X-ray as having made it’s way to the coin eater’s stomach. We are still awaiting the clink as it makes it’s way out! A warning to all parents to check their wrigglers’ pockets for choke hazards. Fortunately it was a happy ending and Royal Lancaster Infirmary cheered up Louise’s wriggler with some cool stickers! 

And now for my next trick!

The rest of the week was less dramatic, thankfully, and packed full of exciting concerts. We performed our King Arthur programme, which features music by the wonderful Scottish composer Suzanne Parry John. She collaborated with us in our wriggler friendly version of the King Arthur legend, in 2017. I remember rehearsing this piece originally and it was interesting to come back to it. King Arthur requires us to talk/sing and play at the same time, which in our ‘other’  lives as orchestral musicians, is never required. I think that our multi-tasking skills have developed somewhat since then, as now these techniques seem to come more naturally to us. Suzy cleverly weaves her enchanted music throughout in this piece, which is a gift to play, and it is a nice contrast to the rest of our programme.  

Suzanne Parry John
 We performed King Arthur to a packed house at Tribe Porty, a great start to our week, and later in the week we made our debut at Tots Spot in East Calder. We will definitely be returning here, so keep a look out on our Facebook page and join our mailing list so that you don’t miss out! We had a great time at Honeypots in South Queensferry, and in Linlithgow, Marchmont and Stockbridge, and we are currently organising concerts here for later in March. 
Tots Spot, East Calder
 In a few days time we will be flying to Australia to make our debut at the Adelaide fringe, and we are packing our cases ready for the big trip! It has taken a lot of organisation but hopefully we have covered everything; work visas, flights, concert venues, insurance, show registration, APRA (music licensing), biographies, show descriptions, press releases, poster design and distribution…yes, we have been rather busy. All we need to remember to bring is our music, instruments, costumes and our set. And our suntan lotion!

We are so excited to be performing at the second biggest annual cultural arts festival in the world (second only to Edinburgh) and we will be playing at four very fine venues in and around Adelaide. 


We will be joining a wide variety of international artists at Gluttony, a cool venue within the popular and beautiful Rymill Park, in the East End of Adelaide. There are fourteen venues that make up Gluttony and we will be playing at The Bally. The entire area has been described as an ‘open air party in the park’, so I think that we will have a blast (once we have got over the jet lag!)! We will be playing fifteen shows at Gluttony and midweek we will be visiting three other fabulous venues in other areas within Adelaide; Holden Street Theatre, Norwood Concert Hall and Burnside Library. You can find out more by clicking here.

During our time off in Adelaide we will be organising our concerts back in the UK for the end of March/beginning of April. In the south we will be returning to Barnes and Twickenham, as well as making our debut at Little Street in West Byfleet. In Scotland we will be performing our Jump Into Spring programme at the Palace of Holyroodhouse (we usually sell out here, so make sure you book early) as well as playing many of our usual venues. You can keep up to date via Facebook and our Website.

Thank you for following us and ‘G’day’ for now!

Louise and Clea

Lions, Mice, Kings, Queens and Kangaroos!

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Happy New Year Wrigglers! Do we have an exciting array of events for you this year? We most certainly do! We have been organising and planning until the wee hours, up way too early and have been testing our admin. skills to the limit, so read on!

Suzanne Parry John (middle) with her lovely wriggler.
We have organised a fantastic February for you and we cannot wait to kick start 2019 with last year’s Edinburgh fringe favourite The Lion and the Mouse. The two Louise’s will be bringing this wonderful programme to wrigglers in the south, in a series of four fabulous concerts. We enjoyed our Christmas concerts so much that we will be returning to the same venues, in Weybridge, Twickenham, Chertsey and Barnes, to play this fun programme in England for the first time. Book Here

Louise B. and her wrigglers will then be travelling north to beautiful Scotland to join Clea, for a series of five concerts based on Kings and Queens. Our King Arthur programme is full of royal music and includes music by the renowned Scottish composer Suzanne Parry John, based on the legend of King Arthur. We commissioned Suzanne to write the piece for us in 2017 and it is a lot of fun to play. We even have to sing and play at one point, so it’s worth getting tickets just to come and see us do that! Book Here

adelaide fringe image

Our next adventure will be to the other side of the world, as we have been invited to perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March. The Adelaide Fringe is the second largest annual arts festival in the world (the largest is of course Edinburgh!). We will be playing at four exciting venues in Adelaide, including the prestigious, and wonderfully named, Gluttony, and will be performing three different programmes; Wriggle Around the WorldThe Hare and the Tortoise and The Lion and the Mouse. Publicising our concerts in Adelaide has been a challenge, because we are playing so many shows in multiple venues and a variety of programmes, that fitting it onto one poster has been tricky. But we have found one graphic designer who is up for the challenge and we are awaiting the results before being able to arrange distribution over there. We have had a lot of contact with the venues, organisers, promoters and other artists, and we are really excited to be participating in this incredible event. Our flights are booked and we have our Australian work visas, so we are good to go. The most difficult challenge is the wait! You can check out our Adelaide concerts here.

Clea will be celebrating the work of Robert Burns on January 26th with an exciting  evening of music by our very own Suzanne Parry John and the incredibly lovely Nigel Osbourne. The concert takes place at Riddles Court, at Lawnmarket, and is a must for those looking for an unforgettable opportunity to celebrate the work of this great man. Book Burns Tickets

Happy January and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Louise and Clea

February Concerts;

South – The Lion and the Mouse

11th at 11.30am Weybridge Library, Weybridge KT13 8DE

13th at 10.45am, Twickenham Library, Garfield Rd, TW1 3JT

15th at 10.15am, Riverbourne Club, Chertsey KT16 9DR

15th at 1.30pm, Kitson Hall, Kitson Road, Barnes SW13 9HJ

Book Here

Edinburgh –  King Arthur;

17th at 10am, Tribe Porty, Portobello, EH15 2AJ

19th at 11am, Honey Pot Café, South Queensferry, EH30 9TD

21st at 11am, Old Pavilion, Linlithgow, EH49 6AB

22nd at 11am, Marchmont St Giles, EH9 2DW

22nd at 2pm, Stockbridge Church, Edinburgh EH3 5BN

Book Tickets

Festive Fun!

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Following a successful run of our show The Princess and the Pea in Edinburgh last month, we have just started our Christmas season. The Christmas sequins and jumpers are in full flow already!

Louise flew up to Edinburgh to play with Clea to a packed audience at Holyroodhouse on Sunday. We love playing at the palace, but particularly at this time of year as the Christmas decorations are glorious! We had a lively, but attentive, audience who particularly loved joining in with our Christmas classics! It was the perfect start to our Christmas season.

 We have a busy Christmas period in both Scotland and England. Louise B flew back from Edinburgh to play with our Southern based cellist, Louise D and yesterday performed at Weybridge Library in Surrey. This is the first time we have played at Weybridge and we attracted a great audience of keen concert goers! It was a lot of fun and we will definitely be returning here in the Spring.

This week we have three more concerts in the south – Twickenham, Chertsey and Barnes, before a run of concerts in and around Edinburgh. It’s not too late to buy your tickets! 

 Alongside our Christmas series, we are planning our February concerts as well as looking ahead to the Adelaide Fringe, which we are very excited about. We will be playing at a really cool venue, Gluttony, at one of their concert spaces The Bally, as well as travelling around Adelaide to bring our show to other venues, as well as doing some outreach work, so we will have a busy time! 

Last month we donated all of our income from CD sales to Children in Need. Our CD is still available to purchase on our website (it makes a great present!) or download from Amazon or iTunes (it’s also great to help with the present wrapping!). Buy CD  

We hope you are on track with your Christmas preparations, but if you feel like some time away from the hustle and bustle, come and spend some time with us! We wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year ahead!

Louise and Clea

Christmas Shows – December 2018

Sun 9th – 11am – Holyroodhouse Sold out

Mon 10th – 10.30am – Weybridge Library

Wed 12th – 10.45am – Twickenham Library

Thur 13th – 10.15am – Chertsey Riverbourne Club

Fri 14th – 10.30am – Kitson Hall Barnes

Sun 16th – 11am – Old Pavilion, Linlithgow 

Tues 18th – 11am – Stockbridge Church

Fri 21st – 11.30am – Marchmont St Giles

Book Tickets

Cosy into Autumn

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It’s feeling very Autumnal in Edinburgh now and the summer seems like a distant memory. But don’t worry, as we have lots of exciting concerts to bring to you, to get you through the cooler months (don’t panic – we won’t mention ‘Christmas’ yet!).

We had an incredibly successful and enjoyable time at the Edinburgh fringe. Our two programmes enjoyed healthy box office turnovers. Our new show The Lion and the Mouse achieved sellout status, which we were thrilled about, and our fringe favourite Wriggle Around the World  narrowly missed achieving a third sellout laurel. Thank you to our Edinburgh audiences for making our run such big a success.

New for the fringe were our super stickers, designed by our wonderful illustrator Ben Newman, in between changing nappies as he now has a second wriggler (congratulations to Ben and Dora!). Ben also worked on our CD icon, as we have recently made our CD available on iTunes and Amazon, following urgent requests from parents without anything to play a CD on! Now you can download individual tracks, or the entire album if you wish. Or if you want to marvel at Ben’s wonderful design, you can buy the CD from our website: Buy CD


Clea and Aisling performed a sellout show at the Palace of Holyroodhouse last weekend and have been mixing The Lion and the Mouse with The Hare and the Tortoise in and around Edinburgh, with the wonderful cellist Niamh Molloy. We are grateful to Niamh for sharing the concerts with Clea, who has been doing educational projects for the Dunedin Consort: Dunedin Consort

We are also taking bookings in Edinburgh and the South of England for our popular Halloween shows. You can see Clea (and/or Niamh) and Aisling at Marchmont, Stockbridge, Linlithgow and Portobello and the two Louises at Twickenham and Chertsey. Details of how to book are here: Book tickets


This week we found out that we have been officially invited to play at the Adelaide fringe in March. We will be playing at Gluttony, one of the most vibrant and buzzy venues in Adelaide and we are also hoping to do some outreach work in between. We are incredibly excited to be part of the Adelaide fringe 2019, which is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest open access arts festival, and the biggest ticket selling arts festival in Australia. You will hear plenty more about this in the months to come. We were so excited that when the aeroplane booking came through, Louise accidently sent a whoop of joy to the airline!

Thank you for your support in our concerts and do tell friends and family about us, whether they are based in Scotland, England, Australia or elsewhere – we are always open to suggestions  of new venues and areas to try and are always keen to perform our shows to new audiences. Perhaps you are having a party or a festive event towards the end of the year? Do bear us in mind, whether your event is for young or old. We cater for all! Happy Halloween and see you soon!

Lou and Clea


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Only a week ago we were in the midst of a heatwave, but this week it seems that summer has disappeared and the rainclouds have moved in for the time being.  All the more reason to catch as many indoor events at the Edinburgh Fringe as possible and wrigglers have been flocking to our shows in wellies and cute rainwear.

Last month Recitals for Wrigglers South performed at the Petworth Fringe where we invited local wrigglers to Wriggle around the World with us. They then wriggled up the stairs to see the fabulous Nick Cope and his wonderfully funny songs, which he will be singing up here in Edinburgh – more on that later. We also enjoyed playing to the children of Lyne and Longcross school who made us a beautiful thank you card!

Up in Edinburgh we Danced Into Summer at Holyrood House before taking the show to Tribe Porty, Stockbridge Church and Linlithgow. The Palace is always a special occasion and as always was a sellout show. We look forward to going back, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for details.


We began our run at the Edinburgh Fringe on August 6th and had a sellout first week. Thank you to The List for choosing us, out of 153 childrens shows, as a ‘Top Tip’. We are playing two shows, The Lion and the Mouse and our Fringe sellout show Wriggle Around the World, until August 26th. The shows are all selling well, so book your tickets while you can! We have thought very carefully about how to price our tickets this year, following feedback from our audiences last year. We have dropped the price of our adult tickets to £8, have included our tickets in the Friends of the Fringe 2 for 1 ticket offer and made sure that our family ticket is a bargain.

Stockbridge Church has been our Fringe venue since we began and is a family friendly and fully accessible venue in a pleasant part of town, so it is worth making the short trip here to escape the hustle and bustle of the centre.Nick Cope

On Saturday we will be performing a ‘Super Saturday Sandwich Show’ at Stockbridge Church, with the very fabulous Nick Cope performing his show in between ours. Nick is also playing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, where his shows have totally sold out and we are very lucky that he has agreed to do a pop up show with us. His show at Stockbridge Church is selling well, so book tickets while you can!

Clea has been busy at the fringe playing with Ron Davis in his jazz gig,  SymphRONica, and will be performing in GRIT next week as part of the International Festival, so if you have a Wriggler-free evening, come and check it out!

Recitals for Wrigglers Wriggle Around the World Book tickets

Recitals for Wrigglers The Lion and the Mouse Book here

Nick Cope Book tickets

GRIT Orchestra Edinburgh International Festival

SymphRONica Book tickets