Spring is in the Air!

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Here we are in Spring already! The flowers are blooming and today the weather is warm and sunny.

We had two Spring concerts this month, with lots of lovely wrigglers to play to. Jump into Spring is one of our favourite programmes, and an early one, written in 2015, shortly after Recitals for Wrigglers was formed. Back in those days, Louise lived in Edinburgh and had a baby and a toddler to ‘help’ with the programmes and she can remember the impact that the music from this particular programme had on her wee ones.

To enable our live shows work online, they need tweaking in some way. In 2015 we had no idea that we would ever need them to work remotely (who knew?!) but Jump into Spring works really well almost as written. The problem we had back in 2015 was choosing only a few pieces from the wealth of Spring-themed music available, as this imagery has inspired composers throughout the centuries. Jump into Spring contains music about flowers, birds as well as Clea’s beautiful version of The Swan from Carnival of the Animals, which she recorded with the internationally acclaimed pianist, Steven Osborne. Louise remembers her baby (now 6 years old!) getting really excited when she played Vivaldi’s Spring from The Four Seasons – such a joyful piece that makes little legs want to dance! Thank you to all who wriggled with us!

Delibes Flower Duet brought to you via the wonders of technology

This month, the theme is The Princess and the Pea. This is a lovely story with fabulous imagery and again, one of our early programmes. This show has a range of musical concepts as well, but whereas the musical arrangements work brilliantly live, they don’t translate online so well. Therefore, our job for the next few weeks is to completely overhaul the programme and rewrite it for you to enjoy at home.

Louise’s wriggler helping.

We did a survey on Instagram, as we have been playing around with timings. We are finding that our online weekend shows are far more popular than our weekday shows. Therefore, this month we are giving you two concerts on a Sunday, which we hope you can make. You can book your tickets here; http://www.recitalsforwrigglers.co.uk/shows

Louise has been studying Kodaly Philosophy and Methodology over the last few months. If you haven’t come across the Kodaly method, it is a whole different way of musical thinking. It is very singing based and little ones learn by listening and experiencing music, rather than any kind of formal music education. Kodaly believed that musical training should begin 9 months before the baby is born (he later changed this to “9 months before the mother is born”) and there is a lot of evidence to show not only that babies can hear music in the womb, but that the health benefits to both mother and baby are enormous. Kodaly’s philosophy was that happy children become happy adults, who contribute to a happy society, and the way towards this is through music. One of our fundamental beliefs at Recitals for Wrigglers is that children and babies should start experiencing music as young as possible. We have seen first hand that babies not only respond to the music (like my little boy did, every time he heard Vivaldi’s Spring), but that babies and young children display emotion at the sounds and music that they are experiencing. They are also learning how to make their own vocal sounds and unconsciously respond to music and sounds from a very young age.

“Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime.”

Zoltan Kodaly

Children should have the opportunity to experience live music from an early age. Until it is possible to do this safely in person, we have adapted to performing our shows online, and we hope that you can see, and feel, for yourself the benefits of music. But we can’t wait to be able to perform for you live and in person!

Thank you for your support so far. Please do carry on coming and do tell your friends and family about our shows. To make sure you don’t miss out, please do join our mailing list. www.recitalsforwrigglers.co.uk

We hope you have a lovely Easter and see you very soon!

Louise and Clea

Book here! http://www.recitalsforwrigglers.co.uk/shows

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