Wrigglers on the Fringe!

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14107739_555646817951887_4948227854161329945_oWow – what a month!

Louise returned to Edinburgh with Clea for a week of shows in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We played thirteen shows – most of them at Stockbridge church and a few in the Zoom Club at Summerhall.

We had a great reception again and sold out a number of our performances. It was also the first time we had CD’s to sell.

Next month we have a full week of shows with Aisling and Clea. Louise will be setting up some performances down south – we are expanding!


As ever we are grateful for your ideas and comments – especially regarding new venue possibilities. 14102859_555646424618593_6330859306609550532_o

Do go to our facebook page to see more photos and to our website to get dates of our up-coming shows and to order our fabulous CD ‘Music for Wrigglers’.


Revving up for the Fringe

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We’re getting ready for our shows next month at the Edinburgh Fringe and excitement is in the air, as we have recorded a new CD! ‘Music for Wrigglers’ will be available to buy at the festival and is packed full of our favourite music. It includes a piece written for us by Eugene Skeef, which we premiered last year, and will play this year, in the ‘Wriggle Around the World’ programme. We have also recorded Paul Englishby’s ‘Moon Song’, which he wrote especially for our ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ programme, and we will premier it on August 15th. We had a really great time recording the CD under the expertise of sound engineer Andrew Lang, from the Royal Academy of Music. The studio we used was also shared by the RAM theatre department, and the temptation to raid the boxes of costumes was almost too great! We resisted the urge to dress up, you’ll be pleased to hear, and instead concentrated on recording a broad repertoire for you and your Wrigglers to dance and sing along to.  

Ben Newman has designed the CD cover and it is awesome! We love his work so much and he never fails to surprise us with a new and exciting twist on his bunny design. Here is a sneak preview from his website;

Ben also has a children’s book out on October 1st, so peruse his website for this, and other beautiful books and illustrations. http://www.bennewman.co.uk
Clea had a great time at Drumbrae Library’s family fun day, where she was joined by violinist Mai Kawabata. Mai thoroughly enjoyed playing the ‘Dance into Summer’ programme and she’s sure to be back again. This was a really enjoyable event and we hope to return next year.
Clea has been designing our new website, which will soon be up and running. You will be able to find out about upcoming events and, in the case of the fringe shows, buy tickets. You will also be able to order our CD, view our photo gallery and read the biographies of our Wrigglers team, plus link to our email, Facebook and Twitter pages easily. We’ll let you know when it goes live.

Time to get back to our fringe shows! We’re re-jigging both programmes for the festival, so even if you have already wriggled around the world, or experienced the ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ with us, do come and hear a new and improved version (and return home with a shiny new CD!). Don’t forget to book your tickets! 

Shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

Sun, Moon and Stars
August 15, 16, 17, 19 and 20 at 2pm.
Stockbridge Church – EH3 5BN (Venue 317).

Wriggle Around the World
August 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 at 10.30am.
Stockbridge Church – EH3 5BN (Venue 317).

Wriggle Around the World
August 15, 16, 17, 19 and 20 at 4pm
Summerhall – EH9 1PL 
Tickets on the door

Summer is here!

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…at least it was two weeks ago when we entertained audiences with our ‘Dance into Summer’ programme! We visited venues in Edinburgh and Fife, including some new ones in Aberdour, Linlithgow and Dalgety Bay, which we hope to return to in the Autumn. Sadly, we had to cancel two gigs as we had low ticket sales for these. This just demonstrates how important it is to book your tickets (it’s always nice to know that someone is coming!) and as soon as we had cancelled the concerts, we had a few people say that they were going to come! Had we known, we would have played for you! We had the opposite problem in Stockbridge and South Queensferry which reached capacity. 

 The lovely hall at St Fillians, Aberdour.

Our new team member, Aisling, made her debut with Recitals for Wrigglers at Morningside, standing in for Louise on violin. Aisling will be back for more concerts in September, a busy month for us as we are planning the launch of Recitals for Wrigglers South. Do tell any friends and family down South who may wish to wriggle with us!  

 Aisling, getting into the groove with Clea and Morningside Wrigglers.

Excitement is building as we organise our Edinburgh fringe concerts. We are playing two programmes at Stockbridge Church; our ‘Wriggle Around the World’ programme and ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’. 

‘Wriggle Around the World’  includes a fabulous piece written for us by the South African percussionist and composer, Eugene Skeef, and the programme has an international theme. This show was a fringe sellout last year and we love the programme so much that we will be repeating it at the Zoom Club at Summerhall at 4pm on most days during the week of August 15. We don’t yet have a link for the Zoom Club concerts, but here is a link for Stockbridge; https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/wriggle-around-the-world

Composer Paul Englishby.

Exciting news this week is that the award winning film composer, Paul Englishby, has composed a piece for our ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ programme. It arrived this week and it is beautiful. You can read about Paul here (leave plenty of time as he has done so many amazing things!); http://www.englishby.com/#!biography/c1enr

To find out about our ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ programme at Stockbridge Church, you can follow this link; https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/sun-moon-and-stars

We are recording a CD in London in July and we are currently working on the playlist. If you have any suggestions of music you would like to hear on the CD, whether it’s a piece that we have played at a concert, or just a piece that you and your wriggler would enjoy, please do get in touch. 

Let’s hope that the summer weather returns soon!

 Angus the Mexican, at Stockbridge Library.

Wrigglers are blossoming!

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This is very exciting time for us – not only is the sun shining in Scotland but we have our biggest run of concerts ever!

We are going to play in seven new venues and we have a new member of our team. Aisling (pronounced Ashling!) is a fabulous violinist who is going to share future gigs with Louise. As you may have heard Louise has moved down south and so we are expanding. Aisling is been a member of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and is looking forward to meeting you all. (Louise and Aisling will be sharing this next block of concerts.)

New venues are in Dunfermline, Dalgety Bay, Linlithgow, Barnton, Aberdour and Craigmillar. We really need your help in spreading the word – so if you have any ideas or contacts that could help do get in touch!

The programme is called ‘Dance in to Summer’ and includes some fabulous music such as Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’. If you need an excuse to put on some summer clothes – this is it!!


Scottish Chamer Orchestra 2015
Scottish Chamber Orchestra 2015

Wow! What a month!

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Following a fun packed week of Spring concerts in March, I moved 400 miles away and am now officially a southerner again! Clea is still based in Edinburgh and she and our Marketing Consultant and programmer, Emma, are busy working on our forthcoming concert schedule, while I (and my merry team of helpers!) unpack boxes.  
 We are planning a full week of recitals in May and June, in and around Edinburgh, and over in Fife, playing our ‘Dance into Summer’ programme. This is a really lovely programme packed full of dance music, ballet music, folk dances – a whole selection of dance music to wriggle and boogie too. We always have great fun performing this programme! I will be working on some new arrangements from afar, while Clea and Emma organise bookings and work on publicity more locally. Alongside our regular venues in Stockbridge, Marchmont and South Queensferry, we will be visiting brand new venues in Linlithgow and Fife. We loved our day trip over the water to North Queensferry back in February, so in May we will be visiting Dunfermline, Aberdour and Dalgety Bay. If you have friends in Fife, do tell them! We will also be returning to venues such as Morningside Parish Church and Portobello Community Centre, which are not always free when we want them to be! For a full list of our concerts, you can sign up to our newsletter here; http://wordpress.us11.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=c320d409eb77a885fa5aa30d2&id=1fb1202816

Clea with one of our younger wrigglers!
Our Edinburgh Fringe shows are shaping up nicely and it is set to be an exciting week performing two different programmes in two seperate venues. We will be whizzing between Stockbridge Church and Summerhall to bring to you our ‘Wriggle Around the World’ and ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ programmes, both of which we are tweaking and rewriting for the occasion! It’s going to be a lot of fun! Clea is also busy putting together an orchestral concert during the same week, which we will both be playing in, featuring the jazz trumpeter Ryan Quigley. The concert is to raise money for the charity SAWA, which you can read more about here; http://www.sdaid.org/

Although my trusty violin, computer and I will be in the south, my heart will be in Edinburgh as we put the finishing touches to our programmes, and I am looking forward to travelling up for a bit of Scottish air (and weather!)! In the not too distant future I will be establishing ‘Recitals for Wrigglers South’, so if you have friends in the Surrey, Berkshire or London areas, why not forward our blog/Facebook page to them. Here is a link to find out about ‘Recitals for Wrigglers South’; http://eepurl.com/bYrSon

Don’t forget to check our Facebook page for details of our ‘Dance into Summer’ programme in May/June, which promises to be a fun and busy week! Right…on with the unpacking. Now where did I put the tea bags?! 


More than the radio!

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It was really fun to bring a brand new programme to you last month. ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ seems to have been a success! So much so that we’ve decided to bring it to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. We will also be repeating our sell out ‘Wriggle Around the World’ programme and playing it twice a day! – once in Stockbridge Church and then across town in the fabulous Summerhall. It will be a busy week!

We are enjoying this week of our spring programme. It’s quite a virtuosic recital for us – Louise is put through her paces in Vivaldi’s famous Spring concerto and I play Saint-Saens’ melodic Swan from the Carnival of the Animals. It is a real privilege to bring this music to new ears and fascinating, as ever, to see the viseral reaction from the wrigglers to this emotive classical music.

We don’t make a point of  ‘educating’ our listeners but there is no doubt that by introducing young children to live music that is acoustically played there are physical, mental and emotional developmental occurances that take place and enhance all types of learning. As well as playing professionally I have spent the past twenty years working with children and adults, many with additional support needs, through music. Louise’s idea to begin Recitals for Wrigglers was the perfect addition to my portfolio cv and the response and engagement from our audience confirms everything I have come to know about the power of music.

In 2007 I returned to university to do an MSc in Music in the Community. This came at an exciting time in the development of brain-scanning where we were able to see the effects of music on the brain. The knock on effect from brain to body is now evidenced and science shows proof of how certain music can aid physical movement, improve breathing, cognitive function, memory, pain relief and much more.

By giving children and adults a high quality musical experience in our recitals we hope our listeners feel something more than having the radio on in the background!

Fantastic February

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Recitals for Wrigglers (4 of 7)

The Hare and the Tortoise was the theme of last week and we launched our February concerts with a a debut in Portobello, catching a glimpse of the sea from the Community Centre, known locally as the Wash House. We loved playing here and are already planning a return trip. We also tested the abilities of Twitter to reach our audience and were delighted to link up with photographer Anna Moffat in this way. Anna took some gorgeous photos throughout the concert and kindly let us use some of them here. The following day we ventured across the bridge to North Queensferry. It was a beautiful day and the views from the Community Centre were stunning. So too were the audience and we will definitely be revisiting Fife for a concert. Next was one of our all time favourite venues, Stockbridge Library. The staff here are amazing and always go out of their way to ensure that our concerts here are a success, both from our perspective and that of the audience. From promoting us, to buggy park managing, Stockbridge Library seem to do everything with a smile on their faces and we love the happy audience that show up.

Recitals for Wrigglers (5 of 7)

Behind the scenes we are working hard on our brand new programme ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ which will premier in Marchmont on February 22 and continue for the remainder of the week in Stockbridge Church, South Queensferry and Morningside. We enjoy discovering new pieces and many hours go into planning and researching a new programme before we even put pen to paper, so to speak. We are always very diligent when it comes to ensuring that any music that we arrange is in the public domain. Generally this means that the composer must have died more than seventy years ago. Sometimes this means finding a piece of music that is perfect for our concert, only to discover that we are not allowed to arrange it. We have at least four new arrangements that have made it past the scrutiny of UK copyright laws and while Clea is away working in Orkney, Louise is busy arranging a few more gems. Next week it will be ‘all systems go’ as we rehearse the new programme and create our story (much of which will be subject to some late night reworking and re-jigging!), before trying it all out on our in-house wrigglers. Fingers crossed that they give us the thumbs up!

Recitals for Wrigglers (1 of 7)

As always, we have the fabulous Emma Walker keeping us on track and programming future concerts for us. We have been trying to organise a concert in Linlithgow for a few months now – apologies if Linlithgoers think we’ve forgotten about them. This is not the case, we can assure you! Coordinating our diaries with a busy venue’s diary can sometimes be really frustrating. We will keep trying. However, we will be playing in Torphichen in March, which is not a million miles away, so we hope to see some Linlithgow folk there. Emma is also trying venues in Fife, so we hope to be able to nip over the bridge again for one of our Spring concerts. Watch our Facebook page or sign up to our newsletter for more details (recitalsforwrigglers@gmail.com).

Keep your comments coming on Facebook and do tell your friends about us. We love to welcome new wrigglers. See you soon and keep wriggling!