Wrigglers Down Under

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We’re back in the UK, following a trip to Australia, and Spring has finally arrived!

March was an exciting month for us, as we made our Australian debut, playing at the world famous Adelaide Fringe Festival. We had been planning the trip for six months, liaising with the fringe team and venues down under on a daily basis, not to mention booking our flights and completing the necessary contracts and official paperwork. Finally in March our plans were put into action!

Our office at 33,000 feet.

We had a fantastic time in Adelaide. We narrowly escaped temperatures of 40C the previous week, and instead experienced temperatures in the high twenties, which was hot enough for us! We arrived late on March 7 and the following morning, battling jet lag, made use of Adelaide’s fantastically efficient train and tram infrastructure, which got us to our first venue, The Bally at Gluttony. We were relieved that our banners had arrived in one piece on the flight with us. Clea’s sister, who was also our host, had collected some fabulous instruments for our wrigglers to play and had helped to spread the word about our concerts. It was great to see that our posters had been distributed, as instructed from over 10,000 miles away! Our fantastic technician, Kane Amos, was there to meet us and help us with our get in (or ‘bump in’ as the Australians call it!) and to help the shows to run smoothly.

The Bally was a great space to play in and we really enjoyed being part of the Gluttony family! Rymill Park is a vibrant area during the festival, with lots of shows happening in many venues, at all times of the day and night. We were extremely lucky to be able to see a handful of brilliant shows for free, courtesy of our Artist’s passes. We played nine shows at The Bally over the weekend. We didn’t have to change much about our shows, in terms of content, as we found that our music and concepts were just as relevant in Australia, and we found that our Australian audience knew many of the same nursery rhymes as our UK audiences and were just keen to join in! The only small differences were in our Lion and the Mouse programme, where some of our British birds were not known in Australia. We learnt a lot about Australian wildlife and our audience learnt a lot about British wildlife, which made it a fun cultural exchange!

The Lion and the Mouse at The Bally

We had a day off to explore the McLaren Vale, famous for wineries (for research purposes of course – and for Louise’s birthday!) before taking two of our shows to the suburbs. We enjoyed exploring Burnside Library, which is a lovely big space with a large children’s area, and even has a toy library! Norwood was a nice area and we had some really great audiences at our concerts in Don Pyatt Hall. We also enjoyed playing at the vibrant Holden Street Theatre, whose productions won several awards and earned some great reviews.

One of our happy audience members at Gluttony

When we returned to Gluttony the following weekend, we took part in the family day and were filmed for the venue’s promotional video. By this stage we had received a really glowing four star review from the Adelaide Advertiser, so we set about adding the four star stickers to our posters. Following ten fantastic days in Adelaide, and twenty one concerts, we flew back to the UK. We enjoyed it so much and learnt a lot, and we hope to return to Adelaide in 2020 (fingers crossed!).

Louise B flew back to London for a concert with Louise D (our southern based cellist) at the lovely role play café Little Street in West Byfleet. We entertained a lovely audience with our The Lion and the Mouse programme and afterwards they were able to stay and play.

Concert at Little Street in West Byfleet

It’s so important to support small businesses like Little Street, and this has been highlighted by the closure of the soft play centre Kids ‘n Action in Berkshire last week. At Recitals for Wrigglers, we try to provide the most enjoyable and interactive experience, therefore we choose to play a smaller venue, rather than a large hall. Taking our concerts into the local community is paramount to us. It is wonderful small businesses like this which provide an essential service to the local community and for us we can share our music in the local area by performing here. We hope that you will support local businesses by visiting them, giving them a shout out and telling your friends about them!

Louise B travelled up to Edinburgh to play with Clea at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, followed by a trip to the seaside, playing at Tribe Porty in Portobello! This was the launch of this year’s Jump into Spring series which continued at Tots Spot Cafe in East Calder and Marchmont St Giles, with Aisling taking over on violin as Louise B flew back to London.

Arriving at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

The series continues in the south in April and includes concerts at Twickenham Library, Kitson Hall Barnes and Weybridge Library, and in Edinburgh at Stockbridge Church. You can find out about our concerts here.

Meanwhile, we are organising our next concert series, as well as an exciting return visit to Holyroodhouse. We are also arranging a mini tour of the south as well as finalising our Edinburgh Fringe programmes, so keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for the latest information, or to receive our newsletters, why not join our mailing list.

Bye for now!

Louise and Clea


One thought on “Wrigglers Down Under

    Rebecca said:
    April 4, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    You guys have been so busy what a brilliant experience Adelaide was. I think a trip to the vineyard was well deserved , Back to Edinburgh and more concerts ! Fabulous !


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