Viva Edinburgh!

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  I’ve left the London smoke behind me and I am en route to the cultural cloud of Edinburgh! Clea and I have been planning our fringe shows for several months now and we are delighted to bring you two Recitals for Wrigglers shows, which start on Monday. 

For those of you who managed to get tickets for our Holyroodhouse show last December, we are going to repeat this show, which was called ‘A Royal Adventure’, but has been newly tweaked and has metamorphosed into ‘King Arthur’. We commissioned Scottish composer Suzanne Parry to write the music for our version of the King Arthur legend and we were thrilled with the result. She uses the two instruments really effectively, and the piece is imaginatively written. At one point we have to sing and play our instruments, which three years ago when Recitals for Wrigglers was formed would have filled me with horror! However, it is remarkably effective and is an enchanting moment in an imaginatively written work. You can come and judge for yourselves from this Monday, 10.30 every morning 14-26 August (not 20th) at Stockbridge Church.

Clea and Louise with composer Suzanne Parry at the Palace

 ‘Wriggle Around the World’ has been a fringe favourite for the last two years (fringe sellout 2015 and 2016) and features a commission by South African drummer, Eugene Skeef. It is entitled Joy and truly lives up to the title! You really can only hear it here, so book your tickets for this exciting and varied, but overall FUN programme, before they all sellout in 2017! 14-26 August (not 20th) 2.30pm at Stockbridge Church.

Clea and Aisling were out and about in Aberdeen last month performing at Aberdeen International Youth Festival. They played two shows and this is the furthest north we have played so far! Clea, Aisling and Louise are also appearing elsewhere as part of the Edinburgh fringe and International Festival, so look out for us at Ron Davis’ show SymphRONica and for Aisling performing with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Viva the fringe!


Recitals for Wrigglers ‘King Arthur’:
Recitals for Wrigglers ‘Wriggle Around the World’:
Ron Davis ‘SymphRONica’:


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