From North to South

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Following an awesome (or should that be roarsome?!) week in Scotland, performing our brand new programme The Lion and the Mouse and a sell out concert at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Recitals for Wrigglers South is preparing for take off.

Recitals for Wrigglers South will be performing two concerts this week; the first will be in Chertsey, Surrey on Wednesday (July 5) and the second concert is at Twickenham Library on Friday (July 7). We can hardly believe it, but Recitals for Wrigglers is three years old this month and it seems only fitting that we should perform our first ever programme, The Hare and the Tortoise at our premiere in England. Recitals for Wrigglers has been such a successful and enjoyable project to establish in Scotland and we do hope that our English audiences will love it just as much!

Louise moved back to Surrey with her family last year, following a fantastic three years in Edinburgh. She loved starting Recitals for Wrigglers in Edinburgh with Clea and she is really looking forward to making a success of it in southern England. It seems strange to be starting all over again, when we have so many followers in Edinburgh and beyond. But Clea and Louise are passionate about bringing live music to very young audiences and their carers, making music accessible to all. Clea will continue to organise Recitals for Wrigglers in Scotland, working with with violinist Aisling O’Dea, with the occasional visit from Louise, and Louise will work to establish Recitals for Wrigglers South, with the occasional visit from Clea.

We welcome the fabulous Louise Dearsley to our team, who will be playing cello in our concerts in England. Both Louises toured extensively together with a variety of ensembles before their own wrigglers came along. Louise Dearsley has recently returned to London following several years working with the RTE National Symphony Orchestra in Dublin. When Louise Bevan moved back from Edinburgh to Surrey, she was thrilled to be able to work with Louise Dearsley again. We are really excited about bringing Recitals for Wrigglers to audiences in England.

Lou Dearsley

Behind the scenes Louise B and Clea are working on a variety of projects. We are in talks with Holyroodhouse about performing there in the Autumn, which we are really excited about. Also, both in Scotland and in London, we are organising visits to schools and nurseries. If you have a playgroup, nursery or school that you think might like to hear us, do please get in touch.

Of course there is a little festival (!) called the Edinburgh Fringe which we will be performing in. We will be playing two programmes this year; Wriggle Around the World and our Royal programme, King Arthur, which we premiered at Holyroodhouse in December. We will be perfecting (or endlessly tweaking!) both programmes in the coming months and rehearsing via Skype, before Louise Bevan arrives in Scotland in August. The Edinburgh Festival is always so special to be part of and we have had two sell out years so far. Let’s make that a hat trick!


July 5 2017, 1.30pm  – The Hare and the Tortoise – St Peter’s Church, Chertsey KT16 8AT details

July 7 2017, 10.30am – Twickenham Library, Middx TW1 3JT details

Aug 14-19, 21-26, 10.30am/2.30pm – Stockbridge Church, 7b Saxe Coburg Street, EH3 5BN






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