The Lion and the Mouse

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This is a busy week for Recitals for Wrigglers. We are performing our ‘Jump into Spring’ programme at Holyrood Palace on Tuesday, which we sold out, released more tickets for, then sold out again! We loved playing at this beautiful venue, back in December so it is a pleasure to return here.

We have also been working on our brand new programme, ‘The Lion and  the Mouse’. The story is an Aesop fable and has some fun images for us to set music to. Louise has written much of the music to it, with some help from Camille Saint-Saens! 

This has been a really fun programme to build, but rather than struggling to find music to include, the difficulty has been choosing which music to exclude. The programme is packed with animal inspired music, and there were many to choose from, thanks to Mr Saint-Saens, among others. Clea and Louise began working on the programme last year, but it was yesterday that it was rehearsed for the first time. We have a run through planned for tonight and it’s first outing will be on Wednesday in South Queensferry before we take it to Stockbridge, Morningside and Dunfermline later in the week. We have arranged six new pieces, alongside original music, and we are hoping that it will be a ROARing success! See you there!

For concert dates see

The scriptwriters’ meeting!


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