Against all odds!

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This week run of concerts felt somewhat jinxed. After a lovely concert in Stockbridge library where the wrigglers enjoyed the new colourful rug we went home feeling in control. This feeling wasn’t to last however!

The following morning Aisling collected me little after 9am to go to South Queensferry – but I couldn’t find my music. We decided that I must have left it in Stockbridge library, but as it was closed we had a minor crisis! I rushed to my computer and printed off the copies of music that was available online and we searched our other programmes for possible replacement pieces.

The drama didn’t stop there. In our stressed state we then missed the turning to South Queensferry and had to drive across the bridge and back again!


We were still in good time and we managed to pull off the concert – with a few amendments from the printed programme. Most ridiculous of all was that I found my music on a shelf as soon as I got home!

After our well attended Morningside concert Aisling drove me home and as I struggled to get my cello out of the back of her car I put the folder with all our music on the roof. Yes, you guessed it – I left it there and it was luckily spotted by some perplexed pedestrians as Aisling pulled up at the traffic lights. We were so lucky it hadn’t flown off.

In other more organised news; we have registered for fourteen shows on this years Fringe festival and I have written an article for ‘Children in Scotland’ magazine. We were also thrilled to have possibly our youngest every wriggler attendee in Linlithgow – only four weeks old!

Go to our website to find our April dates and also book soon if you want to see us at Holyrood Palace on May 30th


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