Royal and Festive Wrigglers

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Wow – time is flying by! We can’t believe it’s nearly 2017. We’ve just enjoyed a busy week of Christmas concerts and many of our audience dressed up in some lovely jumpers. However – the Halloween week was also impressive on that front. We love it when we’re not the only ones dressing up for the occasion.

Talking of occasions – we performed at the Royal Holyrood Palace recently. What a privilege it was and such a great turn out too. We also gave a world premiere of a new piece by Suzanne Parry about King Arthur. It is the first time we have had a story with music running through it entirely – also the first time we’ve been required to sing while playing!


We’ve been invited back to the palace already – so look out for the date sometime in Spring.

We’re going to take a break until February are gathering some ‘ambassadors’ to help us with promoting the recitals in each location. Do get in touch if you have any ideas to help us spread our wings to new venues.

Have a wonderful holiday and fun new year celebration. See you in February!

Clea, Louise and Aisling.


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