Welcome Aisling!

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Last month we had a full week of concerts and Aisling experienced the Wriggler fun as our new violinist. For the first time we played a recital every day for seven days!

Scottish Chamer Orchestra 2015

It was our first time to the Fire Station Creative in Dunfermline. What a fabulous building and with a lovely cafe downstairs with great artwork on the walls. A perfect venue for us. We returned to Linlithgow Bowling Club and our regular haunts around Edinburgh. Talking of haunts – our next concerts have a Halloween theme to feel free to dress up. The story is our take on Hansel and Gretel – much less scary and with a Scottish slant. Louise will be coming back to play these recitals and is looking forward to seeing your outfits!

We also had a curious tweet courtesy of buzzfeed. I didn’t know whether to be offended or chuffed! What do you think?!

Keep in touch via facebook, twitter and our new website and we hope to see you at the end of the month.

Clea, Louise and Aisling


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