Wrigglers are blossoming!

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This is very exciting time for us – not only is the sun shining in Scotland but we have our biggest run of concerts ever!

We are going to play in seven new venues and we have a new member of our team. Aisling (pronounced Ashling!) is a fabulous violinist who is going to share future gigs with Louise. As you may have heard Louise has moved down south and so we are expanding. Aisling is been a member of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and is looking forward to meeting you all. (Louise and Aisling will be sharing this next block of concerts.)

New venues are in Dunfermline, Dalgety Bay, Linlithgow, Barnton, Aberdour and Craigmillar. We really need your help in spreading the word – so if you have any ideas or contacts that could help do get in touch!

The programme is called ‘Dance in to Summer’ and includes some fabulous music such as Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’. If you need an excuse to put on some summer clothes – this is it!!


Scottish Chamer Orchestra 2015
Scottish Chamber Orchestra 2015

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