More than the radio!

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It was really fun to bring a brand new programme to you last month. ‘Sun, Moon and Stars’ seems to have been a success! So much so that we’ve decided to bring it to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. We will also be repeating our sell out ‘Wriggle Around the World’ programme and playing it twice a day! – once in Stockbridge Church and then across town in the fabulous Summerhall. It will be a busy week!

We are enjoying this week of our spring programme. It’s quite a virtuosic recital for us – Louise is put through her paces in Vivaldi’s famous Spring concerto and I play Saint-Saens’ melodic Swan from the Carnival of the Animals. It is a real privilege to bring this music to new ears and fascinating, as ever, to see the viseral reaction from the wrigglers to this emotive classical music.

We don’t make a point of  ‘educating’ our listeners but there is no doubt that by introducing young children to live music that is acoustically played there are physical, mental and emotional developmental occurances that take place and enhance all types of learning. As well as playing professionally I have spent the past twenty years working with children and adults, many with additional support needs, through music. Louise’s idea to begin Recitals for Wrigglers was the perfect addition to my portfolio cv and the response and engagement from our audience confirms everything I have come to know about the power of music.

In 2007 I returned to university to do an MSc in Music in the Community. This came at an exciting time in the development of brain-scanning where we were able to see the effects of music on the brain. The knock on effect from brain to body is now evidenced and science shows proof of how certain music can aid physical movement, improve breathing, cognitive function, memory, pain relief and much more.

By giving children and adults a high quality musical experience in our recitals we hope our listeners feel something more than having the radio on in the background!


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