Behind the scenes

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It has been a busy month behind the scenes at Recitals for Wrigglers, following the success of our birthday week and leading up to our fringe shows in a few weeks time. 

Clea has been volunteering in Croatia at the Balkans Summer Camp, working with children with special needs.


It’s always tricky to fit in rehearsals when we’re both in the same country, let alone when one of us is overseas, and sometimes Skype is the only answer.

We have been researching and arranging music for our new ‘Wriggle Around the World’ programme for our Edinburgh fringe shows (24-29 August). It is always exciting to put together a new programme of music and we have enjoyed finding, writing and arranging some fantastic and interesting new pieces. Even more exciting is that the hugely talented South African percussionist and composer Eugene Skeef has written a piece for us, which arrived last week. It goes without saying that it is brilliant and we can’t wait to rehearse it properly when Clea and I are in the same country! More about the lovely Eugene here;

We have been working closely with Marketing Consultant Emma Walker, Founder and Director of A Stay at Home CEO. She has been busy organising our press releases, along with a million other things that we just don’t have the time, or the the skills, to carry out. She also writes about issues affecting women and the workplace. We probably drive her crazy with our inane questions and artistic brains, but she always deals with things patiently and efficiently with a smile! You can read more about Emma by following this link;


So even with Clea now away in London and me rehearsing with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in Edinburgh this week, we are still well ahead with putting  together our programme. All I can say is thank goodness for technology!



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