Birthday week!

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Wow! What an amazing week. We had our first ever concert in Balerno and will definitely return. We also had a new helper, Rhi, on the door who made it possible.

Tuesday took us to Morningside. Great turn out and really nice time relaxing and chatting to mums and wrigglers afterwards.

Wednesday – we were getting good at this programme by now! – South Queensferry. The number of reservations meant that we needed to move into a bigger hall!! Let’s hope we can do that again!


Thursday – off to Cramond. Once again – the numbers were high. We love this venue with it’s colourful beanbags and lovely ‘cafe’ type area for apres gig socialising! The cakes were a big hit here.


Last day of this Birthday run was in Stockbridge Library. 64 adult reservations!! That means at least 64 children! Will need to make enquiries about Murrayfield stadium next! We love this venue and the staff are so helpful. Also our wonderful Kirsten juggled being on the door, looking after Louise’s bairns, taking photos and selling cakes! What would we do without her!


Thank you all for your support! We would welcome any feedback good or bad. We are wondering whether it might be worth doing two sittings – a baby concert and then a toddler one – slightly more tailored to the different age groups. Any thoughts?

Next stop the Edinburgh Fringe 24th August at Stockbridge Church. See you there!!

Clea and Louise


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